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In addition to his duties as a member of the Detroit Symphony Trumpet section since 1988, Bill currently serves on the faculty of the University of Michigan as an Assistant Professor of Music in the schools's department of Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation. A prolific arranger for small ensembles, Bill finds himself comfortable on both the classical and jazz stage. As a leading Crossover Artist in the trumpet world, Bill continues to explore music in new and innovative ways for the pleasure and delight of his audiences. Bill is also much sought after as a clinician and has come to be known as the nation's "Audition Guru", He is the author of both Audition MasterPro, an organized and extremely effective audition preparation method, and Complete Confidence, a step-by-step cure for performance anxiety.

In his off hours, Bill enjoys the outdoors, camping with his wife Kristy, cycling, kayaking and woodworking.  He is a culinary wiz in the kitchen and an avid photographer. 

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